• Anthony Atanasov


Updated: Jun 11, 2019

What is Relaxation?

What's the meaning of relaxation?

Our perception & inner meaning of relaxation varies from one another.

I have highlighted tension in the image above to reveal the meaning of what relaxation is in my eyes.

Some people would view relaxation as a means of laziness or just remaining sedentary,

The really interesting definition of relaxation is how in physics its stated;

"the restoration of equilibrium following disturbance"

Interesting how "release of tension" is related to the physics meaning of "restoration of equilibrium"

You may be thinking, what is the point of this post..

Take it as a small reminder, relaxation is a very underlooked trait, possibly due to our perception of relaxation is ”doing nothing"...

Well, without relaxation progression is not possible.

As an athlete & a coach, obtaining balance is a definite requirement to even have the thought of reaching the next level in sports, business & life itself.

Too many athletes & business people are out there with a "relentless" mindset, but all in all that can only take you so far.

Take a step back & revaluate your approach.

Possibly the ONLY thing thats stopping you from getting to the next level may be the trait of relaxation.

Find a specific method of finding relaxation, a method that WORKS FOR YOU, to restore balance & find both a relaxed mental & physical state.

In further posts, I will dive into the benefits of relaxation & how it can be both achieved & restored.

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